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i Discovery Universal Battery Charger /Camera Flash

Welcome! This is i-discovery, a global e-commerce solution Site. We provide a platform through which products could be purchased directly from international online retailers and stores. The products you purchased will be delivered to your specified address. We are your ideal platform for purchasing quality, high-grade products for the lowest possible price.We strive, the best way we can to deliver the benefits of online shopping and trading to individuals, families, and communities. We achieve this by partnering will local and international manufacturers and traders of high-grade products from renowned brands worldwide to deliver the best to all our customers.

We believe that the online shopping revolution has positively impacted the market structure by allowing individuals to purchase their desired products in the comfort of their respective homes, or wherever they are.

At i-discovery, we believe that through internet technology, we can reach out to the more teaming audience and prospective customers by empowering users through collaboration with business, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Our platform enables customers to shop directly by selecting whatever product they want on our website. The product is purchased and paid for instantly through a secured payment channel online. The product is then shipped to the customer’s address or local pickup stations within a few days.

By monitoring each aspect of the transaction, we assure our customers a convenient, safe and simple online shopping from the best brands in the world. With this, we will enrich the lives of our customers through each successful shopping transaction.


Our Mission

Redefining the online shopping space to meet worldwide standards, create more opportunities and increase patronage.

We empower customers to make the best purchase decisions by making it easy for them to search for numerous products in one online space.



Our Vision

To be a renowned online store that offers quality products with efficient and effective services at an affordable price.

We also want to be the foremost online store that offers products that exceed the standard set by customers regarding quality and price.


Cecilia Yang Founder/Managing Director

Siew Choon

Paul Yang Business Operation Manager

Siew Choon

Tok Kok Yong Senior Sales

Siew Choon

Danny Chia Finance/Accounts

Siew Choon

Siew Choon Logistics & Operations

From digital flashlight to smartphones, cameras, printers and so on, we aim at delivering cost-effective, reliable and cutting-edge products to our customers. At i-discovery, we are serious about progressing global digital infrastructure through an e-commerce solution.

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