SC108 Single Battery Charger


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Battery Charger for single model Lithium Ion Camera Battery



Features and specifications:

  1. Battery Charger for single model Lithium Ion Camera Battery
  2. Built-in LED to show charging status of battery
  3. Light weight ~ weighing 61 grams (charger only)
  4. Unique standard charging mode & Quick charging mode
  5. Compact Size ~ L 83mm x H 35mm x W 45mm (charger Only)
  6. Ideal for Travel & Business
  7. Input : AC 100V-240V 150mA (Max) 50/60Hz
  8. Pack with 1pcs two-round pins plug adapter


Charging plates model
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Suitable For

FW50, NP970, FH50, FH100, FV50, FV100, BX1, F550 / 570, FZ100, BG-1, BN-1, BD-1, VBG 6, VBD 29, VBD 58, BLC12, BLG10 / Leica (DC7), BLH7E, BLF19E, VBT190, BCF10E, BCE10E, BCG10E, DU21, CGR-320, NP-W126, NP-95, NP-48, NP-50, LP-E5, LP-E6, LP-E10, LP-E12, LP-E17, NB-4L / 5L, NB-6L, NB-7L, NB-8L, NB-9L, NB-10L, NB-11L, NB-12L, NB-13L, BP512, BP945, EN-EL9, EN-EL10, EN-EL11, EN-EL12, EN-EL14, EN-EL15, EN-EL19, EN-EL20, EN-EL23, EN-EL24, BLN-1, BLH1, PS-BLS5, PS-BLS50, Li-50B, Li-92B, AHDBT-501

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